Firtich G. I. / Jazz Tones Bouquet Vol. 4

S. Romberg, R. Rogers, G. Arlen, W. Young, K. Porter… 12 leichte Bearbeitungen bekannter Stücke.

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The name of Georgiy Firtich is very well-known among the Russian music-lovers, especially for his pop music. Every child rernembers the valorous captain Vrungel, so as the “horrible” gangsters and cunning deteetive from the cartoons, narrating about the enthralling odyssey of the giori ous vessel “Trouble”. However it’s worth to mark the serious compositions, both instrumental vocal and symphonie ones, where Firtich appears as the profound original author. The colleetion “Jazz Tones Bouquet” may be placed exactly between these two spheres of the composer’s interests. The ciassical compositions by Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Grieg, Paganini and Borodin, which are not only enjoyed by musicians, but played to stale already, acquire the new features and look novel and fresh in the ja arrangements by Georgiy Firtich (this creative sphere has been exciting the composer since bis green years, for bis passion isjazz playing and arrangements). This collection is proposed not only to the music-lovers, but especially to the pupils of music schools. First of all the arrangements do not require the great command of technical methods, while the originals do. (Is there any pupil, able to cope with Liszt’s Campanella? – and here – anyone is welcome.) Secondly, the children will doubtlessly like this way of “joking as the musicians are used to”. Take the worn out motive and play it, until the teacher is astonished for to burst into laughter. Thirdly, this is a very useful, developping and instructive garne. Frankly speaking, the music has been forming itself out of such sorts of games during its age-old history. (translatedby Asya Ardova)


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